How Do We Do What We Do? Quite Simple! ... For Us

Lower Profit Margin and Lower Overhead! - 45 Years of Experience - And, Our Services Guarantee!

We are ‘Full Service’ even with our reduced commission fees because our operating costs and profit margins are significantly lower than our competitors. You really shouldn’t have to pay for big ad campaigns, fancy offices, high priced furniture, luxury car leases, franchise fees, balloon rides or giveaways … those things really don’t sell houses! We have reduced our overhead considerably as we just don’t feel that it is necessary to pay those kinds of costs and increase our fees. We do save a lot of money in the process and can pass a considerable savings on to you!

Ken R Fisher & Associates, Realtors® can save you a lot of time and money whether you are selling or buying a home! Yes, we can save you money on the purchase of a home, too … ask us how we do it when the others just will not!

Ken R Fisher & Associates, Realtors® is not a large, supermarket style real estate company. We do not promote high list prices just to get the listing and then push for low selling prices just to get the sale! We believe our 45 years of full time experience in the real estate business is a definite asset when it comes to representing you honestly and fairly in the sale and purchase of your new home. All of our Realtor Sales Broker- Associates are licensed. We do not use unlicensed assistants or secretaries or part-time high school students to work with our customers and clients

Yes, we offer a Services Guarantee!

What We Always Do For You!

(You may think this list of functions is a joke; hopefully you will not experience having the joke played on you by listing with the wrong agent or company. Can you image having one or perhaps several of these very important items listed incorrectly or not at all … no wonder some houses just don’t ever sell!)

When we provide listing services for your home, We will …

  • Use the correct address number
  • Use the correct street name
  • Use the correct spelling of the street name
  • Use pictures of your home that reflect the season – snow on the roof in July is just plain STUPID!
  • Provide the correct map co-ordinates to facilitate locating your home by prospects and/or agents
  • Provide proper directions to facilitate locating your home by prospects and/or agents
  • Provide the correct legal description from your township assessor
  • Provide the correct real estate tax information from your township assessor
  • Provide the correct square footage from your township assessor
  • Provide the correct property information including:
    • The number of rooms
    • The number of bedrooms
    • The number of baths
    • The room size measurements – no guesses
    • The correct heating and cooling system descriptions
    • The correct water, sewer and cable/dish system descriptions
    • The correct school system information
  • Place the property in the correct BLC/MLS Area as required
  • Develop an appropriate property description for marketing … limited, incomplete and misleading descriptions defeat attempts at marketing your property
  • Guarantee that the office manager personally reviews each property listing to insure correctness of the detail. Correct information will enhance the marketing of your property. Incorrect information may well delay or prevent the sale of your property.

And, we will …

  • Present the appropriate and true market information using a Comparative Market Value Consultation to allow you to determine the best marketing price for your home (comparing your home to one miles away is just wrong.
  • Not bid up the listing price recommendation just to get the listing of the property
  • Not use poorly designed or ‘blow away’ signage to market your property
  • Not use unlicensed ‘agents’, secretaries or other such personnel to market or show your property.

We are big enough to get the job done and small enough to really care.

Our Services Guarantee insures that if you become dissatisfied with our Listing Programs or Services during the Listing Contract time period, we will agree, at any time after 90 days, to refer the Listing Contract to the Real Estate Broker of your choice. We do require up to 10 days to complete this task.

Please … give us a call… let’s talk… no obligation!