Personal Consulting Services: You Don't Know What You Don't Know, But We Do

Thinking of listing a home for sale, thinking of selling by owner (FSBO), thinking of buying a home, thinking of buying an investment property, thinking of leasing your property, thinking of improving your home, considering foreclosure or purchasing foreclosures or short sales?  Call Ken Fisher to schedule a consultation or personal meeting today. One of the biggest problems in Real Estate is the flat out fact that many people don’t have the slightest idea of what they are doing or how they may be subject to “being taken advantage of”.  Some folks think that because they ‘did it on their own’ some time ago, they can easily do it again … that is not necessarily the case anymore.  Others believe that ‘someone said’ or ‘someone else did it’ and that is actually pretty much worthless today.  Not all is upfront and honest in real estate land.  Absolutely no obligation from our consultation or personal meeting whatsoever.

We also offer a Real Estate Marketing and Sales Counseling Service open to anyone including real estate agents. This is a personal service offered at $99.00 per individual or family afternoons or evenings in our office at your convenience. The fee is refundable when you sell or buy through our company or even refer someone to our company who does sell or buy through us.

We provide unbiased factual Real Estate Information

We are not a fast track franchise!

Information, information, information, the world is full of all kinds of information. A lot of it is easy to get. Some of it is not quite so easy. And some folks provide ‘their version’ of the information and pass it off as ‘factual’.  Obviously there is true information, fake information and opinionated or biased information.  And, sometimes an agent will provide a Competitive Market Analysis (improper according to Indiana Law).  They set up a report to reflect properties that meet the market objectives they want to use in order to secure your listing without regard to the proper “Comparative” Market Analysis.  Often it is difficult to make the determination about what is what without the advice of someone you can actually trust.

The Real Estate business is no different. It is often quite difficult to get the true information that you need. Accuracy and timeliness is often a problem. Out of date data is often presented as first hand and current when it is completely out of date and worthless. Seldom will an appraiser use any data over six months old, although he or she may use data six to 12 months old if necessary to reflect a current value (with adjustments) in an area with few closed sales.   Manipulated, skewed, exaggerated or biased data is always a problem … certain real estate web sites do come to mind … you just don’t know what you don’t know!

Sometimes, it is difficult to get proper information from real estate agents who may be new to the business, just may not know how to provide the factual information that you need or may be intent at getting your listing at any cost. Slick agents tend to thrive on providing data that is manipulated and biased to meet their needs for the moment.

Access to current, accurate and non-manipulated or biased BLC/MLS information is always available to you, through Ken Fisher Realtors right here and right now.  We know what we are doing and have the experience to prove it.

Across the Town or across the Nation

BLC/MLS New Listing Search ... Anywhere

We offer a time saving service to our clients and customers seeking information on any market in the United States!  We can arrange to provide a BLC/MLS Update service by e-mail on New Listings for sale that meet your criteria.  Locally, we can also provide a BLC/MLS Update service by e-mail informing you of the listing activity in your neighborhood.  We can also provide information on listings just sold or closed … all with no obligation! 

We also can prepare an RPR Property Valuation Report on most any property in the United States you may be considering purchasing or selling!  Needless to say, this Report is far superior to any ‘Zestimate’.

Provide us with the detail as to the specifications and price range of the property you are seeking. We’ll handle the rest!  Contact

We offer e-mail reports on just about any compilation of BLC/MLS information for just about any type of property that you may be seeking, here in the 12 county Greater Indianapolis Marketing Area or just about anywhere else in any State in the United States.

Looking for a House to Buy?  Want to be totally up to date with the market offerings?  Want to have instant access to a real, true to life Top Performing, No Smoke & Mirrors Realtor?

Listing Activity Reports  for your Neighborhood or any other Neighborhood of interest, anywhere, are available to you.  We can also prepare Report on Pending sales, Solds, Withdrawns and Expireds.  We also have Reports as listed below:

  • New Listing Tip Sheets FHA, VA, Conventional
  • VA and Bank Repo For Sale Reports
  • Short Sale and Fixer Upper For Sale Reports

We can arrange for a Referral of your information requests to a highly qualified Realtor just about anywhere in the country who will assist you in your quest for up to date and accurate information. We have numerous personal Real Estate Agent contacts throughout the United States. We add to our capabilities with our membership in the Homeowners Marketing Services Referral Network and the National Association of Realtors CRS Referral Network.

We make a point to arrange multiple real estate broker contacts for you anywhere in the country and without any obligation whatsoever. You can always select and work with the agents and companies of your own personal choice, no franchise or office politics allowed!

We offer an Absentee Investor 'Buy, Manage, Sell' Package

We will assist you in finding single and multifamily properties that can be purchased, updated, leased and then sold at some time in the future. We can handle the property location function, involvement of quality independent contractors for the rehab work, leasing and management of the property, and the ultimate listing and sale of the property for you. This is, perhaps, the best time in many years to purchase investment property in Indianapolis, McCordsville, Fortville, Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Carmel, Zionsville, Avon and Brownsburg.

A note to those wanting to join the ‘Flipper’ club:  The easiest way to get yourself flipped out of a lot of money is to attend one of the frequent seminars flying into Indianapolis for a quick visit to entice you with unbelievable promises and hired testimonials to join their group.  They always tell you that they have thousands of dollars of funds that you can use and can also help you get thousands of dollars more no matter your credit rating (we call that OP Money … other peoples money).  OP Money or ‘Hard’ Money as it is often called is typically secured from relatives, friends and business acquaintances … it is hard to pay these people back when your deal falls apart … you now have fewer relatives, friends and business acquaintances who will even speak to you.  Never waste your time or your money on these scams … talk to your local Realtor, any Realtor about what you want to do.  Please do not call us to ‘bail you out’ once you have stepped in it.

For Quick Response on any of the following, E-mail Us:

  • A detailed list of homes For Sale in our 12 county Wide Area Indianapolis Metro BLC/MLS System
  • A fee based detailed list of homes recently sold in Your Own Neighborhood
  • A fee based SOLD price list of any home in Central Indiana within the last several years
  • A detailed Computer Market Evaluation of Your Home
  • An RPR Property Valuation Report on your property or one you are considering purchasing.
  • Recommended contacts with Top Quality Mortgage Loan Representatives to handle Mortgage Pre-Approval for you.

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