Our New Home Construction Consulting Service is offered at no charge to you … in fact, we offer a refund of up to 1.25% of the purchase price of your new home or we offer an optional choice of a cash refund plus a full week in an RCI or Wyndham Vacation Resorts Time Share Condo (the incentive package must be requested at our first meeting).

Contact us first before ever giving your name to any builder … you will save time, a lot of headaches and money, too! And DO NOT fill out any surveys either! The Better Business Bureau has reported in their Focus Publication that New Home Builders are the Number 2 Most Inquired About and the Number 6 Most Complained About businesses.

What will you do if your builder increases your agreed upon price, allows liens against your property due to unpaid suppliers or sub-contractors, files bankruptcy, or leaves town? Can you handle a potential NIGHTMARE when you try to sell your house in a year or so? Do you know one of the leading causes of Foreclosures in Indiana?

We offer the incentive package to Sellers and Builders who use our specialized, money saving Listing Programs (the incentive package must be requested at our first meeting). Reputable builders will not raise the new home purchase price when you use the services of a Realtor. You should not ever buy your new home from any builder without experienced representation by Ken R. Fisher and Associates, Realtors®. Don’t learn an expensive lesson the hard way … contact us today … before you contact any builder!

We work with every quality home builder in the Greater Indianapolis marketing area. We can save you a lot of time, stress and money!!

Visit our Cash Rebates page for more information …