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Selecting A Company and an Agent

Selecting the right Real Estate Company and the right Real Estate Agent can be a very daunting task.  Some people talk to their friends and neighbors for recommendations, others rely on TV, newspapers and magazine advertising, some rely on neighborhood blanketing post card programs.  Some spend time interviewing 2, 3, 4 prospective agents and attempting to understand the ‘presentation’ that is being used to secure your approval.  Often, it is difficult to see past a well planned ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ or ‘Dog and Pony Show’ presentation.  Here are some thoughts and considerations.

Do you really need a high-cost Franchise or an Agent Warm Body Shop? The wrong Company (a warm body shop) or wrong (often part time, often untrained) Agent selection WILL cost you a lot of time, stress and money in the long run … and your property may well still be unsold in the end!  Does the office with the most people insure that you will reach success with your selling and/or buying efforts when every Realtor member has access to your home through the BLC/MLS and Systems?  Many unproductive agents have other jobs and are selling real estate on a ‘shush, don’t tell, confidential’ part-time basis yet are still charging a full time commission.  Do you really think you should work with a part-time agent charging a full time commission?

Do you really need an Agent with actual Experience in the business and a strong long term track record?  Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors, 1 in 4 Realtors make less than $10,000 per year?  And, the average income is just $32,000 before deducting State and Local and County taxes, Social Security, Health Care insurance, Vehicle Insurance and Many Companies’ Office Fees?  Do you want to deal with an Agent who doesn’t have the slightest idea what your house is really worth, and will handily agree with anything you say?  Weeks and months pass with nothing happening … and then you renew your listing because your ineffectual Agent is associated with a ‘big name’ company or you just switch to another company or agent with the same issues.  You now know what a ‘sinking feeling’ feels like.

Have you been playing Agent Roulette’?  Have you yet determined that ‘Agent Roulette’ is not a good game to play?  How many agents and companies can you go through before you finally figure out that this mistake has already cost you a lot of time, value and money?  Do you really need to play with a big name company or a purchased identity (a franchise or membership group) and all of their extra fees and gimmicks and dog and pony shows with promises that look good but typically don’t really work?

Do you want a bottom of the barrel, cheap, chicken little service, here today gone tomorrow rip-off, potentially illegal operation?  Some fly-by-nighters operate online only and are not even based in our local communities.  Did you know that certain companies offer considerably less than the minimum services, standards and requirements as legally required by the Indiana Real Estate Commission?  The decision that you make is one you will live with and perhaps just continue to live in the house you were wanting to sell.

It’s Your Money!  You have plans based upon your perceived equity and mortgage qualifications.  Trying to short circuit a proven record of marketing and sales seldom works.  You really do need an Agent with actual Experience in the business and a strong long term track record.  Don’t you agreee?


Don’t scare the pig!   Spend your money wisely, don’t throw it away!