Muir Woods Subdivision
Muir Woods Online has been a valuable always up to date ‘Unofficial’ information source for Muir Woods in Fishers home owners since 2004. Ken Fisher, an Experienced Full Time, Full Service Realtor since 1973 and Real Estate Company Broker/Owner since 1988 and his wife, Suzanne, have enjoyed living in Muir Woods since November, 2003.

Regarding Real Estate, we can tell you what properties are for sale or lease and have sold or been leased and when as well as what the ‘true’ general appreciation rate is for Muir Woods … at no obligation and without potential commission based bias. Our Maximum Commission Rate for Muir Woods is 5.75% and LESSER RATE plans are available. And, we offer Cash Rebates too! All Real Estate Companies have access to the same information,,,, and … most use them, some do not. If you don’t want to pay Exorbitant Rates, contact us today, absolutely no obligation. We have offered MONEY SAVING CHOICES since 1973. And, we also offer Property Management for the Leasing and Management of your property (with the Board’s approval, of course).

Regarding financing, we work with several well recommended mortgage brokers for conventional, insured conventional, FHA and VA loans ( 1 in 4 homes sell by FHA or VA).  As long as Muir Woods is certified by HUD, this very important financing option as well as refinancing your existing FHA or VA loan will be an option.  The subdivision must be certified every two years, an individual cannot accomplish that.  It is currently certified through January 12, 2019.  Another point for consideration regarding certification, HUD requires a certain minimum percentage amount maintained in the Reserve Account.  The Certification is designed in part to force HOA’s to maintain appropriate Reserve Account balances and to insure that the people in control of the HOA are properly insured and bonded.  Without that certification, the Reserve Account can slowly be depleted without recourse (in many cases to keep monthly HOA fees lower).

We now offer a ‘free’ RPR Residential Property Valuation Report that will assist you in determining the current price/value range for your home or one you are considering purchasing in Muir Woods or elsewhere.  This report is far superior to anything Zillow has ever dreamed of ….

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I am always happy to show properties for sale and for lease in Muir Woods or anywhere else in Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Boone and Marion Counties.  I also have 2 Wyndham Resorts Condominiums that I often make available on the rental market.

Muir Woods For Sale or Lease:  Please contact or Call 845-9511 for detailed information on available properties For Sale or For Lease in Muir Woods or see all of our available properties.

I have a buyer for a home in Muir Woods with quick closing.

I have a very well qualified tenant for a first floor one level condo in Muir Woods … looking for something now or within the next 30-120 days ….

~ We may offer the Buyer a special cash commission rebate at closing ~

Contact Ken Fisher for an up to date copy of the Muir Woods CMA Report …

During the period of December 2015 to December 2017:

  • the highest selling price of Muir Woods homes was $180,000 and the lowest was $145,000.
  • The average square footage price was $92.83.
  • The overall average was $163,638
  • The average days on the market to lease the 6 homes that were reported leased was 32.
  • The highest lease price reported was $1,425 and the lowest was $1,200.
  • If you decided to transfer ownership of your property to someone else and then stay in the property, your property taxes will double as the property changes status to a RENTAL. You should talk to a tax attorney before taking such an action.  (This can be accomplished with little extra effort by someone who knows how to do it and avoid the tax increase.)  Some folks attempt to do this on their own to avoid potential inheritance tax issues.  If this is done on a Quit Claim Deed, the property may likely be subject to considerable tax penalties when the taxing agency finds out about the transfer.
  • Please note that new and refinanced FHA and VA loans increased values and taxes in the 10% range for the neighborhood … the Board of Directors must re-certify our neighborhood with HUD in 2017 or we will again lose FHA and VA loan capability.  Please note this CANNOT be done by individual owner!

Contact us for specific details on the up to date CMA Report for Muir Woods Leased and Sold Properties 

I would be happy to show properties for sale in Muir Woods or anywhere else in Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Boone or Marion Counties

We make a point to NOT CONTINUALLY SOLICIT for business within Muir Woods because apparently every potentially part time and/or unemployed real estate agent in North Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel and Noblesville does … and the Post Office folks needs their business! Call the Post Office and complain if you receive anything in your mailbox that does not carry a postage stamp.

The market has improved and clean, right priced homes are selling, mortgage rates are down and holding and folks are refinancing at 4.0% +/- fixed rates.  Loan requirements are loosening up somewhat and credit score requirements are likewise softening, BUT don’t let that temper your resolve. Contact me and we can discuss what you want to accomplish, with no obligation of course. Keep in mind that FHA and VA Loans are currently available in Muir Woods and that lost appreciation from before HUD Certification has been recovered to a degree.

We can tell you what properties have sold and when as well as what the ‘true’ general appreciation rate is for Muir Woods … at no obligation and without potential commission based bias. Contact today for our Listing Programs featuring fees of 5.75% with Plans offering lower fees. We have offered MONEY SAVING CHOICES since 1973. And, we also offer Property Management for the Leasing and Management of your property (with Kirkpatrick’s approval, of course). Contact Ken today at 317-845-9511.  It is always your Choice!

You can search our properties or the entire BLC/MLS System at your leisure.

You may also visit and, for the most part, do the same thing. We market our properties using,,,, and up to 70 websites.  This is a very important marketing advantage for our Sellers and Investment Owners. There are many real estate agents who are either unaware of or just unwilling to provide these additional services because it does cost them money.  Not bad features of the capabilities and efforts of a smaller, low overhead, independent company! We are large enough to get the job done and small enough to care.

We also provide twice monthly web site visit reports to our home Sellers.

Contact us to set up a daily BLC/MLS search for properties of interest anywhere in the United States. Search results will appear in your email box daily as properties become available. We also have a fantastic, top quality Referral Network for anywhere in the country that you may use without cost to you. We have personal contacts in Orlando, Dallas, Phoenix, Boston, Downtown Chicago, Chicago Suburbs and other locations throughout the country.

Keep in mind that you can list an ‘overpriced’ home over and over and over again with this agent and that agent (we call that Agent Roulette) and waste a lot of everyone’s time and expense including your house payments and interest payments and property tax payments, utility payments and maintenance expenses. In every case, you will lose … sorry about that. Selling agents and the public have access to tax values, listing and selling prices of homes and neighborhoods quite easily and make offers to purchase accordingly. We are not Magicians and do not perform magical tricks very well. You should let OUR EXPERIENCE sell your property.

When visiting our web sites, you should get the point that we are not members of the ‘One Stop Shopping’ Really Big Real Estate Company Rip-Off Club. We believe that the so-called ‘One Stop Shopping’ benefit(?) offered by numerous large real estate companies and many builders attempting to increase their bottom line profit at your expense is often questionable and typically nothing more than a well-designed effort to eliminate competition at the financial expense of the customer and client (it definitely contributed heavily to the sub-prime mortgage scandal).

We are also not participants in the CHEAP do nothing and sell little real estate company movement that charges a flat fee, sends stuff your way by UPS and then disappears. We do not feel that it is ethical to own a new home construction company, a real estate company, a title insurance company, an appraisal company, a mortgage company, a survey company, an inspection company and an insurance company all within a single holding company. The Federal government is looking into and taking legal action against some of these companies as violators of RESPA. We believe that it is in the best interest of our customers and clients to offer referrals to the necessary individual companies and do not seek referral fees or kickbacks from those companies.

Information, Floor Plans & Models


The Club House features two wood 4-top game tables with 8 upholstered chairs, two card tables with 13 chairs, 3 bar chairs, a couch, 2 overstuffed chairs and a settee. The kitchen features a refrigerator, a microwave and an oven.

Models & Floor Plans in Muir Woods

News & Information

Download a VIDEO TOUR OF MUIR WOODS (.wmv)

Read the latest Quarterly Muir Woods Newsletter MWnewsletter12172017. See this Newsletter for a summary of the Landscaping and Building Painting Schedules.

View the Republic Trash and Recycling Schedule

Harold Calvert 317-313-5389 has been recommended as a Handyman by the Muir Woods HOA.

John Manley 317-833-4339 has been recommended as a Dryer Vent Cleaner by the Muir Woods HOA.  Please note that HOA sponsored Exterior Vent Cleaning was completed successfully.  Keep in mind that folks who do not have their Interior Vents Cleaned appropriately are fully responsible for any vent fires that may occur in their unit as well as their building or buildings if such fire would spread (as determined by the Fisher’s Fire Marshall).  You really should consider a smoke alarm in your laundry room.

Muir Woods is now insured by West Bend Insurance Company of Wisconsin as of May 1 2017

The Feds now demand that you have an Interior Condominium Insurance Policy and will even attempt to establish an escrow for it when you get a mortgage loan in Muir Woods. It is known as Form HO-6. You do not have to escrow for it unless you get an FHA or VA Loan.

Pickle Ball 
Pickle Ball is a lower impact racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It uses wiffle balls and pickleball paddles. Perfect to play on our seldom used Tennis Court.  The Tennis Court is being refurbished to provide either Tennis or Pickle Ball at your choice.

An HOA Management Company rip-off that everyone needs to know about (from our friends at Chicago Title).  Kirkpatrick Management, Sentry Management and Elite Property Management now require an upfront non-refundable fee from an Owner/Seller to prepare the required HOA Fees letter when a property is sold.  Once they receive the payment (profit) it can take 7-15 days to produce the letter that must be used in the closing of the sale.  This can effectively delay the closing of your sale!  Make sure your agent notifies the Buyer agent of this issue to stay ahead of it.  If the deal would fall through and not close, you are OUT the money!!

It is such a shame that a number of owners and tenants have so little regard for our Community.  Parking vehicles on the grass and creating damage is becoming more serious as apparently few people care at all about the general appearance of our neighborhood.  Perhaps, the HOA should STOP funding the repairs to the lawns caused by vehicles parked on the grass … after all, these people think the lawn is THEIR lawn when in reality it is OUR lawn.  Or, perhaps the HOA should just impose assessment fees on the property owners to cover those repairs.

Fishers Fast Facts

View The National Debt Clock


RCI Vacation CertificateI have two timeshare weeks available to Muir Woods residents most anytime at Wyndham Vacation Resorts or RCI this year for just $900 including all Wyndham fees.  RCI resorts have minimal guest fees.  The weeks are 1 Bedroom Red Time Units. Some of the over 1,850 locations include the Smoky Mountains, Nashville TN, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Destin, Ft Lauderdale, Durango, Las Vegas, Newport, Washington DC, etc. Check it out, you cannot beat this deal … period.

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Upcoming Holidays and Events

Note: Board Meetings are now scheduled for EVERY Month at the Clubhouse.  Contact Kirkpatrick Management for details.  You really should attend to insure that you are up to date of what your Board is doing.

  • See the Quarterly Newsletter for Muir Woods events

Make reservations for the monthly Muir Woods Luncheons with Gail Winsmore at 570-9468 by 2nd Tuesday each Month.

IKEA  is quite successful with its’ 296,000 sq ft retail center with parking for 1,000 cars on the tract east of I-69 and South of 116th, along USA Parkway.  Overflow parking is in the nearby Navient north parking lot.  Approximately 1,000,000 square feet of rain runoff will be dumped into the USA Parkway pond. The main entrance for IKEA intercepts USA Parkway as it moves eastward to IKEA Way and then North to the new intersection with 116th Street. There are two entrances direct from USA Parkway north of 106th that create traffic from the new 106th round-about on I-69 (semi-trailer traffic).  Have you noticed that the IKEA sign is large enough to be seen from Space and probably from Louisville, KY too !!

Lest we forget, the ground on the southwest corner of 106th and Lantern across from the school is zoned for Retail … likely a good sized retail/office strip center. The land is being tested for geological requirements for construction. The northwest corner is ample size for a CVS or Walgreen or even a gas station. The northeast corner is likewise available for development. The land in front of the Church at 106th & Lantern Road is for sale. Other companies are considering moving into to the area now that IKEA is open for business. The land just southeast of IKEA has now been sold.

Stanley Security System has a new 80,000 sq ft 3 story $15.9 Million headquarters at Kincaid Drive and Sunlight Drive west of Lantern with 300 employees from 75th and Binford.

Across I-69 and just South of the Round-About there is a 12,000 square foot Retail site next to the NEW Marriott Fairfield Inn.

One notable benefit is that folks working in these new businesses may well desire to live close by thereby increasing the value of the homes in Muir Woods.

Our HOA Management Company is Kirkpatrick Management and the contact is Vincent White at 317-558-5364 … Call Kirkpatrick when someone is parking in the roadway or parking on the lawns that we pay to maintain or when someone is using a turnaround as their own private parking space or blocking the fire lane near the Tennis Court … Call when you have some EXTERIOR or BETWEEN UNIT problem such as damaged gutters, damaged siding and trim, water leakage from another unit, paint on your windows and trim by the painters, etc.

The Wish List – Wouldn’t It Be Nice If …

  • The Board would actually publish a list of unwritten rules and regulations for all homeowners.
  • The Board has requested that if people cannot park in their own driveways and must park on the roadway from the Clubhouse north to 106th, that they and their friends and their contractors park in the Cub House parking lot to allow for ample roadway space for delivery and emergency vehicles.  Obviously, no one really cares (until they themselves have an issue).  The request is being totally ignored.
  • The revision of the CC&R’s to either emphasize or provide for the capability to assess individual units for such things as painting, repairing damaged lawns by vehicles, pouring damaging lawn water into the roadways with excessive watering, replacing dead lawns, etc. Actually a revision is not required, just the actions of the Board and perhaps an attorney to insure that the task issues are resolved by those individuals who cause them.
  • People were stopped from soliciting the neighborhood with advertising papers tucked behind mailbox flags, pinned to your mailbox post or just laid in piles on the mailbox posts. If you find cards, advertisements and brochures in your mailbox without stamps, you should contact the Post Office immediately. This is a private neighborhood and solicitations are not permitted.
  • The By-Laws state that the Board of Directors must expressly permit in writing the occupancy of any unit in Muir Woods by more than 4 people. Do the Owners renting to tenants secure that approval? The By-Laws probably violate Federal law on this one … HUD promotes 2 people per bedroom plus 1 = 5, but all bedrooms must have closets, a window and a door.
  • Folks would park their commercial vehicles, RV’s and boats elsewhere in compliance with the Home Owner Association documents that they agreed to prior to taking possession of their property.

Front door paint – Home Depot -Behr Premium Plus exterior flat (or semi gloss) in quarts. Color name – dark granite. (Color formula – 780F-6 Base. Accent 4670 Lamp black oz. 1-16. Yellow oxide 013. Brown oxide 012.). You should contact 317-679-2249 – … tell them Ken Fisher said to call. They can do most anything else that you need to have done. By the way, if you are thinking of repainting your interior woodwork, the paint is likely Sherwin Williams ProMar 400 Semi-Gloss Dover White available from the Sherwin Williams store near the Starbucks on 116th West of Allisonville. Also, ProMar 200 is a superior covering at a similar price.

Hills Sources for Windows – Kentucky Indiana Lumber, 500 E 106th Street – Supplier to Carmel Glass, 317-522-0568

Exterior Doors – Dealers Wholesale, 7845 E. 89th Street, 317-849-4336 for Buildings #1-21, 23 and the Clubhouse

Exterior Doors – Kentucky Indiana Lumber, 227 E Lee Street, Louisville, KY 40208  502-637-1401 for Buildings #18-22, 24, 31

Garage Overhead Doors – Overhead Door or Indiana Door (Fortville) – Amarr “Stratford” Model #600 w/design gallery (Waterford short panel type glass)

Note:  All Doors factory finished in ‘Sandstone’.  Garage Door paint color – Sherwin Williams, Sandstone

Outside Trim Boards – Porter Paints – 14E ly2k 10 1/2 V 2A

White doors and trim inside units – Sherwin Williams – Dover White

Siding – Porter Paints C-22 F-1 L4Y Satin

We cannot accept responsibility for accuracy in this list ….


Guess who pays when a neighbor refuses to water their lawn? … and the lawn dies! … We All Do!

Guess who pays when an owner allows a visitor or a contractor to park on the lawn causing damage … obviously some folks just don’t care what our neighborhood looks like! Who pays, We All Do! Prohibiting parking on one side would help the situation a bit, obviously it would make it easier for deliver trucks, fire and emergency vehicles to use the roadways.

Dryer Vents and Dryer Vent Fires! Nope, not yet … no one has burned down an entire building yet. BUT, it will occur unless YOU CHECK YOUR INSIDE DRYER VENT for lint clogging.  The Association currently cleans the dryer vent from the outside every two years following the practices of other HOA’s.   Make sure that you have a smoke detector in your laundry room.

Please note: the Baldwin model has TWO bends in the dryer vent pipe (building code allows for only one). The pipe bends in the ceiling of the Laundry Room, runs to the wall area between the bathrooms and then bends toward the exterior of the home. FYI: Your bathroom vent fan tubes may not be connected to the substandard outside vents … this will create MOLD in your ceiling … replacement tubes are available at Ace Hardware … it takes about 20 minutes to resolve the issue.

Home owners are finding out the hard way about another Hills Legacy. The copper water lines on several buildings were substandard and are now leaking through pin hole leaks created by interaction with dirt (apparently more prevalent with homes built prior to 2003). If you notice your water bill increasing unusually, it might be worthwhile to call the Citizens Water at 317-924-3311 and ask them to come and check your meter and water lines. Repair cost is approximately $4,000.00. Repair cost to 173 units would approximate $692,000. A Class Action Lawsuit should have been filed long ago by the Board of Directors but the 10 year statute has now expired … notification of a legal action might have caused Hills to return and remedy this problem for everyone.

People walking dogs without leashes and FAILING to pick up dog waste … how sad that some folks would be so inconsiderate and apparently incompetent.

coyoteCoyotes have been seen in the woods North of Muir and between Muir and Wadsworth and along 106th Street near the Muir Woods entrance. A REPORTED SIGHTING WAS WALKING ALONG THE EAST EDGE OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD NEXT TO THE CHRISTMAS TREE FARM.   A MORE FREQUENT SIGHTING IS TYPICALLY  WALKING ALONG THE WOODS SOUTH OF MUIR LANE NORTH OF THE WOODS NEAR THE END (the latest on Christmas Day, 2017, seen tracking a small herd of Deer). If you see one call Animal Control at 317-773-1282 … Notification was made on NextDoor.  Carmel HAS hired a trapper to control their Coyote population.  A coyote will rip your dog off a leash breaking its’ neck in the process. There is also a large Hawk about the size of a turkey vulture cruising the neighborhood that could easily handle most smaller dogs.

You should carry pepper spray, wasp spray or mace and a large sturdy stick or a golf club even when standing in your garage with the door open or just walking in our neighborhood.  Vicious animals deserve whatever it takes to protect yourself.  Always call the Fishers Police.


  • Please note that the Board of Directors has the power to issue a 10 day letter to force an owner to remove a vicious dog from the premises.
  • Dog waste on lawns and left in bags on lawns is just not acceptable. File a Complaint with the Board of Health regarding this health issue. This is improper, wrong and reflects on the mentality of the perpetrators. The folks who leave their dog’s waste in yards on Muir Lane may be in for a rude awaking when they find it has been moved to their front porch. Pick up after your dog or risk an issue you may not care for.

Mosquitoes are not considered a Fishers problem. Here’s a tip: put Listerine into a spray bottle and spray around your outside area … it does work … and rather cheaply.

The Muir Woods Woods
There are numerous large trees that have fallen in the woods area between Muir Lane and Wadsworth. These dead trees provide habitat for termites, beetles, cockroaches and other such creatures that crawl out of the woods into our homes and do little benefit for the existing trees or our community. It is recommended that the downed trees be offered to any responsible person to cut them up and haul away the firewood to resolve the situation. The woods should be a natural place for folks to walk and view the wildlife, plants and trees. Such is no longer the case.  Just one lightning strike into the woods could set off those dead trees with our own forest fire!

Tax bills due in 2017 reflected an unbelievable increase of 32%. (Carmel was only 5.4%.)  It reflected the increase in assessed value plus an increase of 37% for schools and 28% for the city of Fishers (it was payable May 10th and November 10th) … The May 2018 tax bill will be interesting to see what happens next.

Keep in mind that many inexperienced real estate agents think that the tax value and the market value are the same, others think that the value is 150-175% of the tax value (??) … you should always consider an experienced agent … call me for experience and lower commission fees.

Please note: Fishers is now requiring verification that you actually live in the home in Muir Woods if you are taking the Homestead Exemption. If such is not the case, the increased taxes may be collected for the last 3 years along with a fine.

If you decided to transfer ownership of your property to someone else and then stay in the property, your property taxes will double as the property changes status to a RENTAL. You should talk to a tax attorney before taking such an action.  Some folks attempt to do this to avoid potential inheritance tax issues.  If this is done improperly on a Quit Claim Deed, the property may likely be subject to considerable tax penalties when the taxing agency finds out about the transfer.  There is a legal way to do it without the tax issues. Contact a Tax Attorney or perhaps the Delaware Township Assessor.

Brett Boston at Union Savings Bank may still be offering 4.0% fixed for 30 years and under $800.00 in closing costs.

How to get your vehicle STOLEN: Leave it unlocked, leave it on the street or in the driveway, leave your keys in it (even in the console), leave it in the garage with the door open. Or, just leave your laptop, purse, presents or anything else on the seats. If you get into your vehicle and start it preparing to drive off, then notice a paper stuck to the rear window … do not get out to see what it is … drive away and do that later. If you leave your car briefly to retrieve the paper, someone may jump into your car and drive away while you are standing there in amazement.  If someone bumps into the rear of your car, do not get out of it … call 911 and claim injury.  Criminals bump a car to get you out of it.  Once you are out, they may quickly leave their stolen car, knock you down, jump in yours and drive away.


How to get your stuff STOLEN: Leave the garage door open long parts of the day or night – an uninvited visitor might meet you in your bedroom (it will also cost you in higher heating and cooling bills). Leave your front door unlocked. Leave your patio door unlocked or fail to put a wooden bar in the track to prevent opening by lifting the door with a pry bar.


How to ruin your floors while on vacation: Fail to turn off the water to your washer. Fail to turn your water heater down to the vacation setting. Fail to turn the primary water valve down by half or more but not off.


How to ruin your furnace: If you have carpeting, fail to replace the filters every 60 days. If you have hardwood or laminate, fail to replace filters every 90 days. You might even be lucky enough to freeze up your A/C coils and spend a lot of money for servicing.


Driving on the Streets: If it has snowed, SLOW DOWN for the intersections as they might be icy. Spread a little SAND to help the situation. Drive slowly around the curve in front of 10364-10384 Muir Lane in potentially slick weather … save a mailbox and your vehicle. Our streets were made for driving, not parking … a vehicle parked at the side can prevent snow removal and can cause another vehicle to slide off the street and create damage. Apparently there are no rules regarding people who park in the grass at the side of our roads creating considerable damage. Also, remember that our streets are PRIVATE not PUBLIC … we do have the right to control who uses them. Country Fields now has a 4 hour maximum for parking on their streets and they will tow vehicles parked improperly and for over 4 hours.

Computer Security: Here are examples of bogus email messages from: Apple – update your account or you will be locked out, Paypal Review Team – update your account, Costco – thanks for your order, Sams Club – thanks for your order, Walmart – thanks for your order, and from anyone else that you have not placed an order. FedEx – we had an issue with a delivery.  Many emails – please continue to complete your order.  You receive an email notice to Appear in Court – this is bogus. You receive a notice about past due taxes or utility bills and provide an address to SEND A MONEY ORDER TO IMMEDIATELY (some people get a phone call on this one). A notice appears in the middle of your email that says you should sign in again … DO NOT! Close out of your email account and start again. Email from people you know that is typically FROM them and ABOUT them – the content is usually a single line computer link to a virus. Always check the FROM email address to make sure it is one that you know.  If you get stuck, contact  It may cost you $99.00, but it will obviously be well worth it.

Another Recommendation:  Ransomware is out of control and the government is worthless in protecting anyone, even themselves.  You should buy a 8 TB Portable Hard Drive and make an image backup of your entire computer at least once a month.  Then, unplug the drive and put it away …. every month, do the same.  If you open the wrong email or visit the wrong website you could easily be a victim … it will cost you a lot to unlock your computer.  If it does occur to use, replace your computer drive completely and then plug in the Image Hard Drive and restore it.  You are back in business.


Phone Security: Phone calls from repeat callers to reduce your interest rate on your credit cards is fraudulent. Phone calls regarding your time share are fraudulent in most cases … ask for their number and call them back, they will typically hang up. Check out the number on Google first … and call your time share company direct and inquire. Phone calls that state you have won a trip somewhere – hang up. And, the phone call from a magazine subscription that says your renewal had a problem and they want your to provide your credit card information over the phone to continue the subscription now … tell them to send you a letter and hang up.

Security is your responsibility ….


I-69 / 106th Interchange
The round-about Interchange for I-69/106th Street is far too tight for larger vehicles (the State has now passed a law that semi-trucks have the right and right of way to use both lanes.  In fact, it is so tight that vehicles attempting to make the required sharp turns are damaging the pavement requiring repair.  Do keep hoping that the Fishers Police will ‘start’ effectively patrolling the School Zone as the speeds continue to be somewhat unbelievable.

Land development and construction is well underway in the area. Projects are in process for retail, restaurants, office buildings and many more apartments on the vacant land. Nearly every vacant parcel is now For Sale or quietly Sold.

As 106th Street is now a more heavily traveled major street, Muir Woods continues to become more isolated resulting from the traffic flow. Traffic from 116th is using 106th to avoid the 116th Street Interchange. Traffic to and from IKEA uses 106th Street now that IKEA has completed the two south entrances on USA Parkway. Estimates are that 5,000 – 7,000 jobs will be created for the new office and retail buildings, restaurants and apartments built on the vacant ground in the general area. These changes will increase traffic by at least 10,000 to 14,000 vehicles daily as stated by Fishers.

And the beat goes on … now Fishers is moving forward with a $40-$60 million development at the southeast corner of 116th and IKEA Way. Fishers is floating a $7 million bond issue and will provide tax abatement to get the project underway. At least 28 homes have been purchased and demolished in the Springdale Estates neighborhood to make way for the project. The 17 acre property will be developed into a culinary and entertainment center with 10-12 lots set for restaurants and possibly a combination theater-dining establishment. The development would include an acre of green space and up to two buildings totaling 3,000 square feet that would be used for shared culinary space to incubate new business business, similar to Launch Fishers.

Muir Woods Emergency Fire Lane
Muir Woods Emergency Fire Lane …. Often blocked by contractors and homeowners.

As has been said for the last number of years, it is believed that we (and Hills – The Apartments) own the roadway to the south of the neighborhood with a permanent easement for the folks in the woods to the East.

We need to consider cutting through from Winslow at the turn-around and then use the existing roadway as a one lane Exit for our neighborhood. This would access Lantern Road … it will also benefit Emergency and Police Vehicles. This actually should have been done when the neighborhood was originally planned, instead we got a fire lane by the Clubhouse that is narrow and often blocked by service vehicles and folks using the tennis court. It should also have been done before the woods to the south were removed and new homes were constructed … those folks will likely contest the use of the roadway. The roadway would benefit everyone considerably today. Keep one thing in mind, the roadway was not designed for heavy traffic and using it for two way traffic would damage the roadway to the point, WE would have to pay to rebuild it.  Fishers should be approached for their thoughts on the issue and potential funds for assistance on this project.

Comments have been made that a south exit would be a security issue. That is very true! We need to have additional access/exit for police, fire and other emergency vehicles. If a problem, like a fire or burglary occurs in the middle section of our neighborhood, folks on the south side of that event are locked into to where they are with to way of escaping. And, what good is access to 106th Street if traffic is bumper to bumper both ways? Some folks just need to use their brains and get serious!!

Ignoring this problem will not eliminate the issue …  Note how much the traffic flow fell off during the round-about construction … the traffic flow on 106th Street has increased considerably and will continue to increase as more development in the area is completed.

What’s Up With Hiway 37
Fishers, IN – SR37 Improvements
Save this site for continual updates on the plans and construction

Reported Problems

The Rules and Regulations were written and legally adopted by Muir Woods for everyone to promote and maintain a nice looking, well maintained community that would benefit everyone in the community in life, life style and in potential property values. Every owner received a copy of these Rules and Regulations when they purchased in Muir Woods and not one single owner has any excuse whatsoever for not reading and fully understanding and fully complying with those Rules and Regulations … it has been said that some home purchasers did not get a copy of the HOA Documents at closing, that is their own or their agent’s ERROR … the requirement is built into the MIBOR Purchase Agreement.   The comments below are reported problems from members and thoughts and opinions of the writer.

If You Live In A Chateau Model Home and have an issue with water stains around your bathroom ceiling vents and your dryer vent, it is likely that the recent roofing contractor failed to reconnect the vent pipes to the roof vents. This problem creates excess moisture in your attic and it may lead to mold in your home. You will need to access the attic to determine if you have this problem. It so, it should have been resolved by the Muir Woods HOA and Kirkpatrick Management … they refuse to accept their responsibility.  It is likely that this problem exists with any home with roof vents for the bathroom vents and/or the dryer vents. Contact them anyway to have the issue resolved before you have further damage. This has been and will continue to be an issue on an inspection if you are trying to sell your home and you will have to pay a contractor to resolve the issue. We have the understanding that the Board has no interest in addressing this issue. It is suggested that you check your attic personally and file a formal complaint immediately if you have the problem …


Did You Know? If one of the Muir Woods HOA Members/Owners files Bankruptcy, the Association must get in line to get a portion of the potential asset distribution which typically is zero and the rest of us unfairly pay their share. But, if one of the Muir Woods HOA Members loses their property without filing for Bankruptcy, they are still fully responsible for the monthly HOA fees and can be sued for those fees until someone takes over the property (Mortgage Lender or Buyer) and they then become responsible for those fees.


Muir Woods was not HUD certified for FHA financing for nearly 4 years since June, 2011. The de-certification/re-certification notification to the Board and the Management Company was made in 2010. This means you could not refinance your FHA or VA Loan or get a New FHA or VA loan to buy a property in Muir Woods. This failure on the part of the Board and the Management Company cost folks thousands of dollars of value in the inability to re-finance their FHA and VA loans to much lower interest rates. It also prevented buyers from using FHA or VA in the neighborhood slowing down our market and holding down the appreciation rate.

You may visit: anytime to see if Muir Woods is still approved (note the zip code is incorrect).

Well over four years ago, HUD implemented compliance requirements with considerable notification to everyone including this web site administrator … Muir Woods and our Management Company ignored the notification regarding our certification and it was revoked in June, 2011. Among the compliance requirements were that the reserves for maintenance and repairs must equal a minimum of 10% of the annual budget and all officers, directors, employees and persons handling funds of the Home Owner Association must carry fidelity bonds and insurance. FHA financing is not available for any condominium subdivision that exceeds 30% of the home loans using FHA (FHA currently does 30% of the financing for all homes nationwide). Also, FHA financing will be withdrawn for any condo development with over 15% of the units over 30 days past due on their fees. This is obviously a very serious problem throughout the United States. HUD further requires that all condominium subdivisions in the United States be re-certified every two years to insure continued compliance. This re-certification cannot be accomplished by an owner. FHA policies have effectively discriminated for the last 7 or so years against condominiums.

Condo Certification for the HOA and the neighborhood may very soon become just a step in attempting to finance using FHA and VA loans. The next problem from the Feds is even broader, affecting potentially tens of thousands of homeowner associations that routinely impose transfer fees whenever units are sold. Transfer fee are often paid by both seller and buyer to handle administration costs and benefit the HOA and Property Management Company budgets in general. A solution would be to raise the first year’s monthly fees by 1/12th of the transfer fee and the first year annual fee by the needed amount but no one is discussing that possibility yet. Another issue is that the courts are refusing to allow Home Owner Associations to file for foreclosure for fee payment if the subject property has a first mortgage holder.

It has been reported that some of the folks living in the Baldwin homes can and do hear loud music especially with a heavy bass, loud conversations as well as noise from vacuum cleaners (please don’t sweep carpeting at midnight), dishwashers, out-of-balance washing machines and out-of-balance dryers (again a problem at midnight), water softener re-cycling in the middle of the night, furnace blowers, stereo systems with earth shaking bass speakers, radios and TV’s, hard sole and high heel shoes, closing of front doors and sliding doors, closing of drawers, voices and even bedroom activities, barking dogs and their toe nails on the floor, the neighbor’s garage door opening and closing, outside water spigots turning on and off, and believe it or not the blowing of one’s nose as well as the tinkle, tinkle of using the bathroom.

Owners have the legal right to be free of unreasonable levels of noise. You do have to put up with some reasonable amount of normal living noise. Most owners of condominiums know this fact … and it is really no big deal; however, expensive LEGAL ACTION is always a possibility. The owners and tenants of the Chateau units must take care to minimize interference with their neighbors below.

The problem can result in legal action against the Chateau owner. Complaints to offending owners or tenants and owners must first be put in writing to those owners. You should also contact the Fishers Police to get their assistance. In most cases, your written complaints plus intervention by the Fishers Police will solve the problem. If you are forced to move due to excessive noise, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the offender in Small Claims Court or even Superior Court. Privacy is just not what you may think it is. The writer presented a low cost workable solution to the problem to Hills … it was ignored completely. There still is a solution, the spraying of sound deadening foam into the 18″ space between floors, but it would be rather costly to implement. Hills knew of this solution, but refused to spend the few bucks it would have cost to resolve the problem.

Refrigerator water leaks from a Chateau will run through the entry ceiling of a Baldwin. Water leaks from a shower will run through the master closet ceiling.

Water heater and washer leaks from a Chateau will run through the master bath and hall ceiling of a Baldwin. Water leaks from a Chateau Kitchen sink or dishwasher will run through the ceiling near the refrigerator and pantry of a Baldwin.  These represent cases reported to the writer.

These problems seldom occur, but one time is enough. Your upstairs neighbor is responsible for the repair of the problem and the repair to the damage done to your property. Your insurance probably does not cover the damage created by them (although State Farm does). You have a legal right to access that owner’s insurance and, as a last resort, file suit for compliance. Also remember that your screened or glass enclosed patio is not covered by the Muir Woods HOA Insurance Policy.

If you have a water leak in the garage ceiling of the Chateau nearest the garage door to the interior it will likely be caused by a freezing evaporator coil inside the HVAC unit. The freezing is typically caused by low A/C Freon. Normally, the unit would just not cool when it was frozen and one would obviously note that. If the unit was switched from A/C to heat during a freeze of the unit, it will defrost rapidly and overflow through the furnace cabinet, onto the under floor stringers, and then into the garage ceiling. You should have your system inspected at least every 2 years to insure you do not have this issue. 

Speaking of water leaks, if the unit next to or above you does not have the heat on for some reason and the temperature drops below perhaps 20 degrees for a period of as little as 3 days, water pipes could break and require a complete remodel of your home. It has happened in Muir Woods! You must speak with your condo insurance representative to make very sure that you are covered by water from above and from the next unit.

There are 172 homes in Muir Woods. From a financial standpoint, this means that it costs you, personally, $1.00 each time the Association is required to spend $172.00 for anything whatsoever. That is what your monthly Association Fee is for. Excessive expenditures can and will result in Special Assessments. A Special Assessment could be necessary to pay for un-budgeted snow removal or perhaps the cost of the insurance deductible for roof replacement caused by a serious hail storm or even repairs to lawns caused by folks who leave vehicle tire ruts in those lawns. It can also be necessary to repair excessive water damage to our roadways.

The entire complex was roofed with 25 year architectural shingles from November 2010 through February 2011. A Special Assessment was not required as the roof job was covered by an insurance settlement from Nationwide Insurance several years ago. Some buildings also received gutter guards to control leaves.  Shingles with a 25 year life should easily last 20 years or more unless damaged by fire or weather (covered by insurance).  That fact indicates we may need to consider replacing the roofs in 2030 or so.

Blowing Trash is always a problem in our community. Folks apparently just don’t understand that newspapers, magazines, pizza boxes, whatever must be INSIDE trash bags before being placed INSIDE trash containers. Stacking stuff up on top of the trash can only exacerbates the problem. Perhaps, some just don’t really care… and the trash blows everywhere!

Please do not ever use salt on your driveway or sidewalks. Salt will damage concrete and create unnecessary expenses for everyone. A little bit of sand or even cat litter will do the job rather efficiently. A suggestion, if your garage door bottom weather seal sticks to the concrete, clean and wipe it dry with a cloth and then spray something like WD-40 or vegetable oil on it … problem solved.

Pet Urination and Bushes don’t go together. Why would anyone allow a pet to urinate on a bush and then call the Home Owner Association to have the dead bush replaced? Why do some folks allow their pets to urinate on other folks bushes? Drive through the neighborhood and look at the damage … this is your money!

Dog Waste is the problem of the dog owner. It must be removed by the dog owner (the dog doesn’t have any hands). If it is not removed properly and promptly, perhaps the Association should hire someone to place the dog waste neatly outside the homeowner’s front door or at least invoice them for the job. Mr. Biscuits at 381-9395 picks up dog waste for a fee. The Association should contract with him to remove offending dog waste for a fee and then charge the dog owner a premium fee. The problem would soon be solved. It is probably a better solution than having fresh dog waste dropped on your porch or patio in the middle of the night by an irate neighbor.

If you see someone pushing the large landscaping rocks around with their vehicles, please record the license plate number and type of vehicle and then report the person to the Board of Directors or just call the Fishers Police. Likewise, it someone drives over or breaks a corner post.

Vandals in the neighborhood HAVE COST YOU MONEY! I use the term, vandals, loosely as these criminals are little more than relatively ignorant people who are attempting to show others just how stupid and idiotic they really can be (obviously the result of a poor childhood). Driving though lawns, tearing down speed limit signs, and breaking Stop Signs with concrete blocks is nothing more than some poor soul trying to get some small satisfaction out of their sad and apparently useless lives and be recognized (yet they hide under cover of darkness). Such a shame! If more of the exterior lighting had working light bulbs, it would be easier for you to see these folks and then call the Fishers Police.

School Zones – who are they protecting? The kids, the so-called soccer moms, or are they just places that cops can give tickets! School Zones in the area run from 15 mph to 40 mph, control different time frames, control different days of the week, and in many instances have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the children the laws were designed to protect. Why would a school that sets 1,000 – 1,500 feet from the roadway with a fence around it need a school zone? Especially when the kids play at the back of the school! Obviously, there are many useless laws out there designed without thinking about the costs of gasoline or the costs to the violators of rather outlandish placement of School Zone signs (behind bushes comes to mind). Have you ever driven through a School Zone where you could not even see the supposed school … is it really there? Is a School Zone with a start sign but no end sign actually legal?We have 172 homes in Muir Woods. It takes the care and concern of all owners to insure that our subdivision maintains its visual appeal and property values.


View the letter from the Muir Woods HOA (doc)

New Pool keys should be issued every 2-3 years, not every 15 or so years. People do copy keys and people lose keys and people give keys to friends and relatives and people fail to give their key to the new owners when they sell or when they lease.  Perhaps we should consider Cards that have have their internal numbers changed periodically … would be cheaper than new keys.

Frequent new keys would resolve some of the problems that are being created by homeowners.

Do You Smell … Sewer Gas in your Kitchen and Bathrooms? You are probably right. B&W Plumbing installed in-line sewer vents on kitchen and bathroom drain pipes to save money that day and cost you money later. According to Economy Plumbing (across from Wolfie’s on Hague Road), these vents are typically effective for 4 to 5 years. Economy carries the Oatey brand which actually is a better product than that installed by B&W. I purchased 3 Oatey in-line vents with pipe size adapters for $21.40. I am sure that B&W would charge at least $85.00 to visit your home and then double the price for the product. Replacement is so easy, even “a caveman could do it”. Please note that B&W screwed some on, glued some on and cemented some on. You may have to also replace the primary ‘T’ pipe if they improperly used cement.

Hopefully, the next time it becomes necessary to use the Fire Lane drive access to the apartments, the Board will have a large boulder placed on each side of the drive to eliminate the lawn damage that was created by the round-a-bout by-pass route. Steps should be taken to prevent vehicles from being parked in the Fire Lane drive access (including those of the lawn care company for the apartments.  That access roadway is quite narrow and runs along the back of garages in the apartment complex … a very dangerous situation for everyone.

Exterior Lighting is a serious Security Issue. You are responsible for the exterior light bulbs at your property. This outside lighting at your garage and your walk way or porch is very important for the safety and security of your home as well as for the neighborhood. If you are not concerned, this issue could easily become a necessarily forced issue from the Home Owner Association and your Board of Directors resulting in a charge to you for replacement of those light bulbs. How much would you be willing to pay to have the bulbs replaced on an as needed basis? $5.00, $10.00 per bulb? Or, perhaps you could do it yourself … or have a neighbor assist you. Notifications have been placed on Garage Doors in the past to assist in determining that your exterior lighting is not functioning and requires repair or bulb replacement. Apparently some folks just can’t read. By the way, burglars love you, your neighbors do not!  

The Board of Directors has acknowledged responsibility for the wood decks in Muir Woods. The Declaration of Horizontal Property Ownership and the By-Laws discuss Common Areas and Limited Areas and specify who is responsible for things like garage doors, doors, windows and screens but do not specifically discuss wood decks. It does say at one point the the Owner is responsible for Limited Areas that are reserved for his use (would a second level deck not accessible from the ground be reserved?). However, the Board of Directors has now had several of the decks repaired and most repainted. It has been recommended that the decks be slowly replaced with Trex (25 year warranty) to eliminate maintenance.  Report problems you may have to Kirkpatrick Management.

Trash and Recycling containers are not to be out until after DUSK the night before collection and are to be taken INSIDE by 6:00PM the day of collection. Putting unsightly containers out on Thursdays and Friday is inconsiderate of others in the neighborhood. Outside storage of Trash and Recycling Containers is prohibited. Obviously, some folks can’t tell time or just don’t care. Perhaps someone could arrange to have the offending containers removed to the club house parking lot. The owners could then pick them up at that location for a small fee rather than at the end of their driveway. A Note: If you have trash for pickup that does not fit into the approved container, you should contact Republic for a special pickup … they usually won’t pick it up without the call.

Parking in the Roadways is becoming less of a problem over time except North of the Clubhouse on Muir Lane.   Obviously parking on both side creates issues with traffic and definitely with Emergency vehicles.  It is a fact that the roadways were designed for driving and not for parking. There are no curbs and the roadways were not designed to be wide enough to become parking lots. Vehicles parked in the roadways really should have their Emergency Lights on at all times. It is obvious that some people apparently don’t have enough sense to know where the roadway ends and the lawns begin, thus damaging the lawns with tire ruts. Property owners, visitors and contractors cause these problems … the individual owners should be billed for the repairs. I was personally informed by one owner that ‘as he paid the monthly fee he could therefore park on and damage ‘his’ lawn if he wished!’ (Home owners expect the Association to repair the damage for free … the Association is US!). The FedEx and UPS drivers have both stated that they must turn around in driveways because of the parked vehicles in the turnarounds.

There has been conversation regarding installing curbing in Muir Woods. It would obviously be a help from 106th to the Club House to make it more difficult for people who like to park in lawns on that part of the roadway. It would also control some of the water draining into the street from over-zealous lawn sprinkling and underground water sources flowing into and destroying the roadbed. Repairing this roadway will be of considerable expense shared by everyone as a mandatory assessment … estimates for replacement made in June 2017 indicate that it will take approximately $50,000 to repair the damage!  The Board will not address this issue.  It is easy to determine those who cause the major repair issues, just check out the damaged area and then look for those watering the roeadway as well as over-watering their lawns allowing the water to run into the roadway.   Cobblestone at Eagle Creek completed the same curbing task at their entrances with the exactly same road and drainage types at a relatively minimal cost.  Their issues were nearly resolved.

Two Car Garage plus a Drive Way equals 4 vehicles. Muir Woods was designed to provide 4 parking spaces per owner PERIOD! Guess where your Guests should park? In the driveway and not on the roadway! There is additional parking at the Club House or, perhaps, even in a neighbors driveway if you ask. And, what happens if you have 5 vehicles? Park the extra vehicle in the Club House parking lot (temporarily) until you can arrange for off-premise vehicle storage. Vehicles stored temporarily at the Club House should be parked toward the rear as a courtesy to the people desiring to use the Clubhouse, the Pool and the Exercise Room. There is always the possibility of flattening and then paving the broad lawn space on the East side of Muir Lane for parking.  There is no parking on the turnarounds on Muir Lane, Wadsworth, Huxley or Winslow. There have been signs installed in those locations TO NO AVAIL. Some folks park right in front of the signs.

Boats, Campers and Commercial Vehicles are never permitted for overnight parking in Muir Woods (certain owners take advantage of this on weekends). The Association should have them towed away promptly at the owner’s cost. By the way, putting lipstick on a pig results in a funny looking pig with lipstick. Covering up the name of a commercial vehicle with a blank magnetic sign is pretty much the same thing.

Over Zealous Lawn Sprinkler Systems are easy to identify by looking at the damage to Muir Lane north of the Clubhouse. They are obviously a major cause of damage to the roadways in Muir Woods. A secondary cause is excessive ground water in certain locations. Property owners who have sprinkler systems installed should have also had French drains installed to dissipate the excess water that is damaging the roadways. At least, they could have the sprinkler heads diverted to control the amount of water flowing onto the streets … or, they should be assessed annually to repair the ongoing damage. How about water usage meters on the sprinkling systems with surcharges to the owners?  No lawn in Indiana requires daily watering unless it is, perhaps, a golf course green.

Per the Citizens Energy Water Company, daily watering promotes short roots and lawns that cannot handle drought even with daily watering. Once weekly watering promotes long roots and a better lawn … and saves the association a lot of money for the community water paid for by your HOA fee. People who water daily and damage the roadways are just plain inconsiderate and create more expense for the community water usage to the HOA. The HOA should meter the excessive HOA paid water usage and bill the appropriate homeowners.

The HOA should have long ago installed French drains at other locations where ground water runs into the roadways. Roadway repairs have now been required multiple times since 2004. And, we now have multiple recurring chuck holes on Muir Lane. The roadway is in very poor condition and continues to deteriorate from excessive water and improper vehicle parking. That will sometime result in a rather large ‘capital expenditure’ of over $50,000 in the future.

Lantern Road School Zones – Steve Pickett of the Fishers Police Department at 595-3376 stated on June 21, 2010, that school zone enforcement occurs only during times when school is in session … obviously the signs should be changed to reflect that policy. You should personally verify this statement and keep his name and phone number in your vehicle when driving in the vicinity. Perhaps this will eliminate problems caused by those who ‘push’ you along 106th Street and those who will pass you on the double yellow lines.  It would be helpful if the Muir Woods HOA would provide a Hamilton Southeastern School Calendar each Fall to we would know the days traffic will be ‘speeding’ through the Zone.

Email your comments to and they will be added to this site and/or forwarded promptly as necessary.

The HOA, HOA Docs and CC&R's

Your 2018 Muir Woods Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Steve Gavin, President
  • Tom McMullen, Vice President (Landscaping)
  • Cynthia Coleman, Vice President (Buildings)
  • Midge Prestholt, Treasurer
  • Gail Winsmore, Secretary
  • Susy Waddell, Assistant Secretary

Contact Vincent White at Kirkpatrick Management (317-558-5390) or for individual contact information.

Board Meetings are now scheduled Monthly. Please check with Kirkpatrick Management or a Board Member for the time and location of a meeting if you wish to attend.

To reserve the Clubhouse for your personal use, contact Vincent White at 317-588-5364 – There is an $80.00 deposit (may be refundable) and a $50.00 use fee. The Muir Woods Clubhouse Rental Form may be obtained from Linda Taylor, the volunteer Clubhouse Rental Coordinator, or Kirkpatrick Management..

Please do not contact me for copies of this information or any other information regarding the operations of Muir Woods. You should contact Kirkpatrick Management.

Code of By Laws Covenants, Conditions and Regulations (CC&R’s) for the Muir Woods Horizontal Property Regime

Part A – Declaration of Horizontal Property Ownership and Regime and Code of By-Laws (PDF)
Part B – Continuation of Code of By-Laws, First Second and Third Amendments and Sewer Contract and Service Agreement (PDF)

You may download to review and print these documents. Or you can download and print from the following easier to read documents:

Even Pages for Download Code of By-Laws and Second Amendment (PDF)
Odd Pages for Download Code of By-Laws and First Amendment (PDF)

Download each set of pages (ie 2-4-6-8, etc and 1-3-5-7-9, etc). Print the Even Pages first, then reverse your paper and print the Odd Pages. You will then have a full set of the By Laws in Page order 1-2-3, etc., as presented by Hills Communities to the original owners.

Articles of Incorporation of the Muir Woods Homeowners Association, Inc (PDF)

Declaration of Horizontal Property Ownership and Regime:

Even Pages for Download (PDF)
Odd Pages for Download (PDF)

Download each set of pages. Print the Even Pages first, then reverse your paper and print the Odd Pages. You will then have a full set of the Declaration in Page order 1-2-3, etc., as presented by Hills Communities.

Supplemental Declaration of Horizontal Property Regime and Percentage of Interest Documentation

You received a complete copy of the documents when your purchased your property and signed a document agreeing to comply fully with those documents. You may contact a Member of the Board of Directors or Kirkpatrick Management Services for a complete set of the Code of By Laws of Muir Woods Horizontal Property Regime as well as the Articles of Incorporation of the Muir Woods Homeowners Association, Inc.