Our Personal and Professional Rental Property Management Services are available for single family, doubles and condominium homes in our marketing area. We have adapted our corporate transfer services program to meet the needs of the local market. We manage a limited number of properties at any given time and have full access to the BLC/MLS rental availabilities. We offer different levels of management services to meet your needs. Our Broker, Ken Fisher, handles all property management services personally. We do not use staff assistants or secretaries for the service. Our fees are quite reasonable and more than competitive.

We offer you the choice of Property Management and Leasing by Broker or Property Management and Leasing by Clerk.  Which do you prefer?

Do you desire to rent out your home while you are away for a year or more? Are you planning to buy another home and rent out your existing home? Do you need a company to only provide qualified tenants? Are you moving into town and desire to rent a property for six months or more while you get settled in and become familiar with your new town before buying? Contact Ken Fisher today.