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We Have Been At Your Service for 45 Successful Full Time Years! No Razzzle, No Dazzzle, No Hype, No Smoke & Mirrors, No Bait and Switch! No Gimmicks! No Franchises! We offer 45 Years of Good, Old Fashioned, Honest, Results-Oriented Hard Work! We will Save You A Lot of Money Too! Our professionally trained and experienced Licensed Real Estate Broker-Associates agree that Personal Service is our Top Priority. All of our property listings are Exclusive Rights to Sell or Lease.

Every week, someone pays a deposit and often a month’s rent to someone who does not represent the owner or is not the owner.  Some even get moved in before they find they are trespassing on private property and have lost their money.  You should ALWAYS work with a ‘hands on’ reputable agent!

Sometimes, the Management Company agrees to represent a fraudulent (stolen identity) owner to lease a property and collect the first month’s rent and deposit usually with a special service fee modification.  We verify our property owners to protect our company and our tenants.

Contact us today for detailed information on our Listings For Lease or For Sale.

We have several very nice 3 bedroom and 2 very nice 2 bedroom properties that will soon be available this year.  You may call for details and availability at any time.  We typically lease our managed properties in about 10 days on the market.

We do one thing and we do it very, very well!  We focus on the fact that Real Estate is our only business!

We Have Offered Professional Rental Property Management by Broker Since 1988

We offer experienced, honest, professional services to home owners.

Check us out with the BBB and the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors.

There are more scammers in the rental property business than in the real estate sales business. Did you know that a rent skimmer is one who collects rents from a tenant but never pays the mortgage?  This results in ultimate foreclosure and often a loss of the tenant’s security deposit and the tenant’s possession of the property.  Others advertise and rent properties they do not even own … it is pretty easy.  First, they find a house that is vacant or the owner has taken a vacation.  Second, they call a locksmith and tell the locksmith they locked themselves out of the house to get a get.  Third, they advertise the property using a burner phone number or just use a Saturday AM Open House.  The rent amount is always below market.  Fourth, they collect the deposit and sometimes first month’s rent from you on the spot (preferably in cash) and give you the key without even a so-called credit report.  You move in … the owner returns.  Whoops, you are on the street.  Make sure you know who you are dealing with!