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And you really just don’t need the crutch or the undisclosed costs of a big company or a franchise (unless you want to give your money and your career away!)

Do you know that 4 out of 5 people who start in the real estate business actually do not survive their first year?   It is worse now than ever before!  Do you know that the National Association of Realtors® acknowledged a 28% DROP in Realtors® during the sub-prime mortgage scandal and the collapse of the real estate market?  Locally, we likewise dropped approximately 28% from the Board of Realtors.  At this time, approximately 1/2 of those dropped numbers have returned to the business mostly with brand new agents.  It is believed that 25-30% have shifted to part-time.  Do you know that a major Indianapolis company was hiring about 30 new agents every month and ending the year with the same number of agents that they had at the beginning of the year?  Do you really want to join a high visibility, smoke and mirrors company that will lose well over 85% of their new agents in the first year!?  Think about it!  Could you do better at Sears or Wal-Mart … OR WITH US?

This very inexcusable poor average should be of considerable concern to you … want to know why it happens? … and why it probably will happen to YOU!   What you may not realize is that truly unbelievable promises from real estate brokerages are a strong contributing factor …  want to make $50,000 in your first year … rob a real estate company!  Want a company that will GIVE free referrals of READY TO BUY OR SELL folks to you … dream on … that Company Owner or Manager Will Keep The Good Referrals For Themselves!  Looking for a Company with unbelievably low fees … they may be cheating the local Board of Realtors by providing their BLC/MLS access codes to agents without authorization … or they may have numerous undisclosed fees that kick in when you actually secure a listing or close a sale.  Looking for low cost health insurance? The National Association of Realtors® Affinity Program can handle that!

Most real estate companies know that every new recruit is worth 2.3 sales … that’s why they recruit YOU.  After you have completed your average 2.3 sales, what happens?  Four out of five seek another job! … after spending a lot of money trying to get started in the Real Estate business and sometimes visiting Bankruptcy Court!

The first criteria to work for most real estate companies is … can you find the office!  The second criteria is … are you breathing (that’s called the mirror test)!  Bring along your $1,800 bucks and you are on your way to becoming a Realtor®!  Pretty easy, wasn’t it?  Apparently 90% of the time, you could have just lit a match to your $1,800 bucks, watched the brief fire, warmed your hands and looked for another job!

Real Estate Sales Associates were over 8,200 strong and quickly leveled out to 5,900 when the market collapsed … the numbers have now increased to 7,300 as the market improves.  Figure that these agents are selling approximately 35,000 properties, an average of about 9-10 per agent.  That converts to an average income of approximately $32,000 per agent (and you pay your expense, company desk rents, taxes and health insurance from that).  Whoopee! Obviously, about 15% of agents sell approximately 85% of the homes sold,.  That means that 85% of the agents are splitting up about 15% of the homes sold.  You really do need an advantage and you really do need to talk with us about it.

People lose jobs and decide to spend a few bucks to get into what always appears to be the highly profitable real estate business (they don’t realize that they pay all of their own expenses and taxes and social security taxes and medicare taxes and do not get health care).  The business is obviously much more profitable for the company owners than the real estate agents (most real estate training schools do not discuss the 85-90% failure rate)!  Some companies are nothing more than ‘warm body shops’ … their offices are well stocked with warm bodies (all PAYING $$ to work there – how much does a sheet of toilet paper cost anyway?) … and the faces change often … can you say ‘revolving door’?  And then you have unlicensed assistants selling homes, and part time high school students, and so it goes!


If you are Really Sincere, we can help you Succeed!  Success really can be just around the corner with the right company!  We offer a 70% Commission Split and a $1,000.00 First Year Performance Bonus on top of that!  We do charge a $250.00 per Quarter office fee which includes E&O Insurance. 

Size really does matter!   You and your career can very quickly get lost in the Big Company, Fantastic Franchise Shuffle, the Help-Us-Grow New Idea Company or the Small Company Disappearing Act!!   We are big enough to get the job done and small enough to really care … about YOU … and your client and customer!

July 1, 2014 was the big date for your real estate career.  The new Real Estate Law raised the education time from 54 to 90 hours to take the R E Test.  It increased the C E Training from 16 hours every two years to 12 every year with renewals every three years.  This was an attempt to increase the real estate knowledge of the individual.  If you want to get in on the ground level of this rapidly expanding business, you need to speak with us today!  We offer a smaller company atmosphere with one-on-one face to face training and management support on demand.