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IndyBuyOwner is THE FOR SALE BY OWNER SERVICE CENTER for Central Indiana.

We Are LOCAL and have served the 12 Counties in Central Indiana with Direct Face-to-Face Contact since 1988.  We always provide Professional Real Estate Services – Let Our EXPERIENCE Work For You!

We now offer a ‘free’ RPR Residential Property Valuation Report that will assist you in determining the current price/value range for your home or one you are considering purchasing.

We have provided successful For Sale By Owner services for over 30 years.  We have watched lots of ‘so-called’ low and no fee companies come and go over the years, typically leaving their customers in the dark as they disappear.  We have watched companies offer low cost and cheap services only to inform the customer later that there are more and more expenses due at the closing of what was thought to be a money saving sale if they even get that far.  We have watched companies offer lower than low prices and do absolutely nothing except provide information by mail, put the property into the BLC/MLS, send documentation and plastic signs by mail and ATTEMPT to force a licensed Broker to work directly with the Seller for no remuneration while they do nothing regarding the Indiana Real Estate Commission’s Minimum Services laws.  Most Brokers will not accept that task without being paid for their services.

Our professional website provides national exposure and can help us to put together a deal that will result in the sale of your property for what will be less expense and less time and hassle in the long run.

We have offered Property Management by Broker since 1988.  We do not use assistants, secretaries or clerks to handle your property or the lessor/lessee relationship.  We offer Personal Service by Ken Fisher, Broker, personally. Who do you trust … property management by clerks or property management by Broker?  Our fees are more than competitive and we actually lease, manage and sell properties.

Call Ken today at 845-9511 It is always your Money and it is always your Choice, make it wisely.

We Can Get The Job Done and Save You Money Too!

Attempting to sell By Owner in today’s market, can cost you a lot of money for absolutely nothing.  The promises always sound great.  The results typically are not … you have spent time, money and aggravation for literally nothing.  But the Scammers have your money … and you don’t!  And you still have your house.  Keep in mind that CHEAP = CHEAP RESULTS if any at all.  It is always your task to make the Right Choice with the Right Broker.  We are that Broker.  We are Qualified, Licensed and Experienced … and Honest!

Please view our Company’s Sold and Closed Sales to View the $$$ We Have Saved The Sellers including the Numbers of Days on the Market for our Listings.  No Razzzle, No Dazzzle, No Hype, No Smoke & Mirrors, No Bait and Switch!  No Sub-Prime Mortgage Scandal Participation!  We offer 45 Years of Good, Old Fashioned, Honest, Results-Oriented Hard Work!  And, We will Save You A Lot of Money Too!  And one more thing, we are Honest and Upfront with everything that we do.

Contact Us Today or Make The Call: 317-845-9511 For Complete Information.

Properties For Sale By Owner and by Licensed Broker/Agents

Financing Information

30 Year Fixed Rates Are Floating From 4.00%!

Closing Cost Fees have increased & Credit Score Requirements have been reduced

We have financing available for Credit Scores from 580+.  Special Government Insured Financing  is Available including FHA203K for owner rehab loans.  Low 3.0% down and also zero down loans are available for selected areas.  We have experienced mortgage sources at your service.

We have information on how to increase your Credit Score to improve your mortgage qualification and reduce your interest rates

Our BLC/MLS For Sale By Owner Program includes a Listing fee of $495.00 and a commission at Closing of from 1.00% to 1.75% depending upon your price range. There is a transaction Closing fee of $995.00 … total cost is $1,490.00 plus the listing commission fee (the $995.00 is waive if another Broker is involved in the sale).

NO SURPRISE COSTS! The BLC/MLS Program requires that you offer a published commission fee to pay to a selling real estate broker if there is one. This Co-Broker fee is waived completely when there is no selling real estate broker and replaced with the Closing fee. This program includes the BLC/MLS, basic,, and our company website plus a marketing flyer template, a full service yard sign and Open House Directional signs and instructions. We will set all showings through you. We handle all second showing requests. We will handle all paperwork, work with the buyer if not represented by another agent, and attend the closing with you as per Indiana State Law.

Our For Sale By Owner Basic Program includes a Listing fee of $295.00 and a commission at Closing of 1.50% to 1.75% of the selling price at the closing of the sale.

NO SURPRISE COSTS. You show the property, we handle everything else, including the buyer at no extra cost. This program includes exposure on plus a marketing flyer template, a yard sign and Open House Directional signs with instructions. We will handle all paperwork, work with the buyer if not represented by another agent, and attend the closing with you as per Indiana State Law.  You can upgrade from this Program to the BLC/MLS Program at your discretion.


What Kind Of Real Estate Scam Have You Fallen For Lately? Most Flat Fee Brokers Are Just That, Flat – put in MLS – walk away! You just don’t know what you don’t know … But We Do!

Flat Fee Companies often violate the Indiana Real Estate Licensing Laws by Refusing to provide the minimal services required by those laws.  Many are not even Licensed by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

How Can A ‘National’ or a ‘Regional’ FSBO Web Site work for your local home? If you ever list with one, your house may very well remain on their site forever … they need the appearance of volume and success. That’s your problem! Most FSBO sites are NOT licensed and are regulated by NOBODY!

The biggest problem for someone wanting to buy or sell a home is the availability of honest, straight forward and unbiased information from an easily accessed source that will address the many procedures and pitfalls of the home buying and selling process. This information needs to provide the basics from the point of determining that you may want to buy or sell a home and, perhaps, you may wish to buy or sell a home with an experienced Reduced Fee Menu of Services Realtor® or, possibly, you may even want to buy or sell a home yourself without the knowledge and resources of a qualified and experienced real estate agent or real estate consultant. This information needs to be thorough enough to provide the buyer or seller with the data and resources necessary to actually reach the ultimate goal of the completion of the transaction for the sale and/or purchase of a residential property.

We are an ‘EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL’ Company … We personally believe that ‘EXCLUSIVE AGENCY’ is not at all proper in today’s business world as it offers too many opportunities for dishonesty and a disregard for ethics to flourish. Can you say ‘lawsuit’? We, however, know very well how to protect our Company, our agents and our clients and customers from dishonest folks by using the INDIANA REAL ESTATE LICENSING LAWS and the CRIMINAL FRAUD STATUTES!

Our Company subscribes to and follows THE RULES AND REGULATIONS of the INDIANA REAL ESTATE COMMISSION and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS. We frown on companies and individuals that attempt to circumvent the law for their own personal benefit (under the guise of ‘Competition’). YOU WILL LOSE!

We have been LOCAL since 1973. And, We are Licensed and Regulated by the State of Indiana.

List your house For Sale By Owner with us for a low, low fee of just $ ???.  You will receive a plastic sign, some forms (likely illegal Copyrighted forms), and a set of instructions on what to do next by UPS or the U.S. Mail. (It is a violation of the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors Rules and Regulations if someone sends you forms approved only for use of MIBOR Real Estate Brokers.) They then put it on a web site that attracts few viewers and give it a long ID number that no one can remember.

How about the one where they say “for just $395.00 more you can list your home on the MLS” … little good that does unless you also intend to pay the commission demanded by the buyer’s real estate agent (many buyer agents just will NOT show your house).  Others will demand a commission of 3.5%, 4.0% or even 5.0%.

These cheap listing folks nickel and dime you to the point you would have been far better off listing with a Full Service, Full Commission Realtor. BUT, you think you got a deal! In reality, they got the Gold Mine and you got the SHAFT!

If you fall for these types of ‘throw away your money’ ventures, we can help. Just call US when you get tired of the scam and decide that you really want to sell your home! They talk about a website … we talk about up to 70 websites … you can find our websites! We have 45 years of experience in the real estate business AND IT SHOWS!

You know what a see-saw is, you played on one as a child. You are well aware that a heavy kid on one end will tip the seesaw in his favor …. every time. There is a See-Saw Factor in Real Estate, the person with the most ‘business smarts’ wins!

Is the playing field tipped your way, is the playing field level, is the playing field tipped the other way? The See-Saw Factor can cost you a lot of money … and it will be YOUR FAULT for not seeking out a knowledgeable, experienced real estate broker to tip the See-Saw your way.

But, you say, ‘it won’t happen to me’. Maybe not. But, it probably will! And you won’t even know it until it’s too late. Enjoy your decision, whatever it may be … you are doing it your way.

  • he said, she said …
  • I didn’t know …
  • but they guaranteed …
  • well, I thought they guaranteed …
  • all I wanted to do was save some money …
  • nobody told me it was going to cost this much …
  • I think that CHEAP should work better than this …
  • what is a SCAM anyway …
  • it’s not MY FAULT …
  • I’ve never heard of the Better Business Bureau …
  • I have the best house in the world, but nobody else thinks so …
  • I thought the builder was my friend …
  • my agent is very nice but nothing is happening …
  • I thought my agent was experienced …
  • my agent won’t return my calls anymore …
  • I don’t even know who my agent is …
  • they said they would do this or that, but I don’t have it in writing and they are doing absolutely nothing …
  • I can’t find the information I need anywhere. Beware of “in sight, it must always be right” …
  • it just ‘ain’t necessarily so’. Ask us about the impact of “Lemmings” on your real estate expectations! It’s your hard earned money going down the drain!

The information presented in this web site is a continually updated and viable resource developed from over 45 years of successful Real Estate Broker and Realtor experience for your personal use. It is a combination of opinion, knowledge and standard practices and procedures developed, enhanced and practiced by the Author over the last 45 years. The views expressed in these Reports are of the author. The acknowledging or discrediting of any other real estate company’s policies, practices and procedures is not, in any way whatsoever, intended.

  • The Author, Ken R. Fisher, was licensed as a Real Estate Broker by the State of Indiana in 1973. As a Broker-Associate for 14 years and a Broker-Owner for the last 31 years, Ken has worked as a sales associate, an office manager, an appraiser, a referral coordinator, a corporate relocation division manager, a leader in real estate services innovation, and as a managing-selling real estate company broker-owner.
  • Ken is a licensed Real Estate Broker, a Realtor and a Real Estate Consultant. Ken has 45 years experience in residential appraisals and Broker Opinions of Property Values. Ken is National Association of Realtors Certified Residential Specialist #3321 and a NAR Certified e-Pro. Ken’s designations also include Graduate of the Indiana Real Estate Institute. Personal sales have surpassed 1,500 sales transactions with over $111,000,000 in value since 1988.
  • Ken R. Fisher established Ken R Fisher & Associates, Realtors, Reduced Fee Brokers, Owner Services and Consultants in 1987 to provide an honest, upfront alternative to the large, expensive and impersonal, supermarket style real estate company that typically thrives on fast talking razzle-dazzle, high list prices and low selling prices. Our Company is NOT a franchise. Real estate is local in scope, bought and sold by local people. The company is very strong on honest, efficient, well-trained, personal service at considerably less cost to the consumer. The company maintains an efficient, well-trained fully licensed Broker-Associate staff (we don’t use illegal unlicensed associates and secretaries).

Those We Trust and You Can Too