Real Estate Marketing and Sales is a Professional Business for Experienced Business Professionals … We Have Been At Your Service for 45 Successful Full Time Years! No Razzzle, No Dazzzle, No Hype, No Smoke & Mirrors, No Bait and Switch! No Gimmicks! No Franchises! We offer 45 Years of Good, Old Fashioned, Honest, Results-Oriented Hard Work and over $111,000,000 in recorded closed Sales since 1988! We Will Save You A Lot of Time, Stress and Money Too! Our professionally trained and experienced Licensed Real Estate Broker-Agents agree that Personal Service is our Top Priority. All of our property listings are Exclusive Rights to Sell or Lease.

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The Year 2017 was a very good for our company and our customers and clients.  We always offer Comparative Priced properties resulting in narrow list price to sale price ratios and short times on the market.  Our lease offerings are not having price negotiations and are turning tenants in 10 days or less.  We would be happy to speak with you regarding selling or leasing your property as well as buying a property.

We do one thing and we do it very, very well! We focus on the fact that Real Estate is our only Business!

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