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Choices, choices, choices, you do have a lot of choices in the home buying and selling process. Your BIGGEST task is to select the right Broker and the right Company for you. Franchises, big and small, lend their cumulative ID to companies of every size, experience, training levels and integrity. Smaller, independent companies struggle to keep in the mix with what in many cases is innovative marketing, exceptional experience, high training levels and unmatchable integrity. Experienced agents, inexperienced agents and teams are all factors to be considered.

Company location is not a major factor, however Local versus everywhere else is a major factor. Minimum service levels are required by Indiana State Law and should be considered a major factor. Experience in the local marketplace is always a major factor.

And, how many times you list your home for sale with this company and that company and another company, all the while playing the Agent Roulette game is yet another major factor.

It is your Choice and your Choice will determine the end result of success or failure in your endeavor.

Your Best Choice is to contact Ken Fisher Realtors today at 317-845-9511 or